Whiter Shade of Pale

I don’t tan. I’d like to, but considering the health risks and the fact I’m very pale, it’s best that I seek alternatives to the sun. I’ve tried many different self-tanning products and have been pleased with the end results, but turned off by the strong smell. The introduction of moisturizing lotions with a hint of self tanner has been great, but the smell still lingers. So I’ve made it my mission to unearth the best self-tanning moisturizing lotions and here’s how it’s going so far:

Jergen’s Daily Glow – The original. Good color, but the strongest smell of the bunch.

Dove Energy Glow – Good color, better smell, but gets stronger as the day progresses.

Neutrogena Body Glow – Provides more color than the other ones, dries in 5 minutes, least
smell. It does take more effort to work it in than the other ones and I don’t think it’s quite as moisturizing, but it’s my current favorite.

What have you tried? I know there are many more brands and formulas to try, but I can’t do it alone. Let me know what’s working for you.

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