All You Need Is Love

Congratulations go out to our good friends Sarah and Dennis who got married on Sunday after being together for 15 years! I asked her what prompted the wedding now after all this time and she said it was something they’d talked about in the past and just decided to do it. We went over there last night to meet Dennis’s brother and sister-in-law and learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Every time we’re at Sarah’s it seems like a poker game breaks out so we were game for learning something new. Turns out Texas Hold ‘Em isn’t the game for me. It’s too cutthroat. I prefer something more interesting and fast when it comes to cards. It was still a fun evening of wine, cheese, assorted nibbles and lots of laughter. We saw the wonderful masks Dennis is creating and I got a sneak peek at the newest piece Sarah is working on. I need to save my money so I can afford it!

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