Get This Party Started

Now that I’ve whined about my actual birthday, I thought I should mention the fantastic party my sister, brother-in-law, and husband threw me on Saturday night. That way I don’t sound like an ungrateful spoiled brat.

It all started last Thursday with the billboard surprise. I knew I was in for some fun. Friday night, we had a family dinner and multiple birthday celebration at mom and Burl’s. We gave Ralph and Blair their birthday gifts since their big days are July 11 and June 30, respectively. Dinner was delicious and we all had a great time. By the time Steve and I got home, Michael and Suzanne were there and we opened a bottle of wine, sat around the table and chatted. Suz, ever the impatient one, insisted I open all of my gifts that night. One item was a hand dyed silk veil so, with the prompting of another bottle of wine, Suz and I belly danced in the living room for the guys. She’s much better than I, but it was a blast. Shortly after midnight Michael and I decided we were tired so we went to bed and Steve and Suzanne stayed up chatting.

Saturday was busy! We had Julia’s third birthday party at mom’s from 11-12:30, then Suzanne and I went to the MAC counter and had our makeup done for the party. A quick trip to TJ Maxx followed then it was time to get home and relax before the party. I still hadn’t finalized my attire, but it didn’t take long to decide (for once in my life). The party was wonderful! A few good friends couldn’t be there (Doug, Mary, Sherrie, Tim, Jill), but it felt so good to be surrounded by my friends. Thanks to party planners extraordinnaire, Steve, Ralph and Blair, the food was outstanding and there was plenty of it. The large wedge of baked brie was the first to go, but nobody went hungry. Tim and Jill had a banner made of my billboard and everyone signed it. It was so funny to explain my hairstyles to people. In keeping with the party theme, Ralph had buttons made of some of my worst looks and everybody wore them for the party. It was a walking hair history. As the party wound down, Eric invited a group over to Hickok’s for another drink. About a dozen of us headed over there and played 20 Questions. I laughed so hard my throat hurt! Ralph and Blair briefly left to attend a local concert, then joined us for the last hour or so. The night didn’t end until after 1 am proving you’re never too old to party.

Thank you Ralph, Blair and Steve for a party I’ll never forget. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had and a perfect way to ring in a new decade. Now, let the planning begin for your 40th!

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