I Can't Fight This Feeling

A milestone birthday always holds a certain amount of expectation. Along with that expectation comes disappointment when things don’t go as planned. Thus was the actual day of my 40th birthday. Now, before you start flooding my blog with accounts of my fabulous party on Saturday night, please understand this has nothing to do with that. I had a magnificent time. It was an ideal celebration. Here I’m talking about the actual day.

First, I got to work hoping to have a small fuss made for me. I was greeted with a lackluster “happy birthday” then informed we would not be going to lunch as a group because one person wasn’t there and the other was on a 24 hour liquid diet per doctor’s orders. I was mildly pissed. Brent did offer to take me to lunch anyway and told me to invite Steve. So the morning passed with little fanfare. Lunch was sushi at Haruno and it was excellent, but it was awkward. Brent was having a stressful day and it was obvious. Steve sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers so that brightened my desk for the afternoon. Ok, so work was a wash and I mistakenly thought my coworkers were my friends and that’s just not true here. So, on we go to the evening.

Plans were to have dinner at Agrario with Doug and Mary. When Steve got home, unfortunately, I was still in a bad mood so I wasn’t interested in opening my present. Some prodding on his part prompted me to lose the attitude and open my gift. No surprise, it was a purse I’d seen a month before. I freaked. Not because I was happy, but because I knew how much it cost. I made him return it. Yes, I was making myself miserable. On to dinner, which was a lovely affair. Doug and Mary always make me laugh and sometimes cry. We shared a delicious meal, wonderful wine and fantastic friendship. So while my day might not have been up to milestone par, at least I ended it with a good meal and great friends.

Ok, enough bitching for now. But on my actual 50th, there’d better be a fuss.

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