Stuck in the Middle

I’m having an artist mental block. I desperately need to create something wonderful and I can’t think of anything interesting to do. This all began when I received my rejection letter for WinterFest and decided I needed to make something really interesting to submit to the next show. I thought my slide presentation might be a little off so I met with Sarah to discuss them and got some great feedback. Apparently, they were too stale. The photos are wonderful, but they lack that little “oomph” needed to make my pieces pop. Ok, so now I know what to do there but I’m still left with creation problems.

Next up is a juried holiday show I create a special piece for each year. Two years ago I did a granulated snowflake pendant that won Best in Show. Last year I did a cloisonne holly pin/pendant that won Juror’s Choice and Purchase awards. I have no idea what to do this year. A pinecone pin has been suggested and I’m thinking about that. Anyone have any great ideas? I’m looking for something funky and fun. The piece must represent any winter holiday or winter itself. Keep in mind, most of my pieces are heavily influenced by the 1950s and 1960s. All ideas are welcome!

So, what have you done when you’re in a rut? I’ll make this my Topic of the Mid-Week!

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