O Christmas Tree

Here it is, July 25 and I’m thinking about Christmas. Guess I’m just wishful thinking of cooler weather. Anyway, as I posted earlier, I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around ideas for a spectacular piece to enter into the holiday gallery show in November. The piece must be finished by the end of September, so that’s why I’m in a rush.

Yesterday I started playing around with a 3-D Christmas tree pendant. The sort of thing comprised of two flat pieces with slots in them so that they fit together and form a 3-D piece. I cut one out of copper to make a sample and the thing is actually coming together. I was worried about sharp edges on the tree, but I think if I tumble polish the piece, the edges will soften. For the jump ring, I’m making a star. I’ll have pics as soon as the thing is done. However, I’d like to do something else since I can enter two pieces, so keep the ideas coming.

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