My Big Fat Greek Dinner

Last night we had Matt and Sarah over for a Greek feast. We had bought authentic gyro meat at Fairway Supermarket in Des Moines and wanted to share the wealth. In keeping with the Greek theme, I made Kourambiethes, a Greek shortbread cookie, on Friday and we spent Saturday finishing the menu. Steve made pita bread, hummus and baba ganoush to round out the menu. The only thing that wasn’t authentic was the alcohol. We had Fat Tire beer and white wine with dinner. So here’s what all we had:

Gyros on homemade pita bread with cucumber/yogurt sauce and feta cheese.
Kalamata olives and cracked green Sicilian olives.
Hummus and baba ganoush with Wheat Thins (also not authentic, but ya gotta have something to dip)
Fresh tomatoes from Matt and Sarah’s garden – yummy!

To round out the evening, Sarah and I watched our favorite parts of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” while the guys talked computers in the living room. It was a great time.

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