The Party's Over

Well, the days of me bitching about my job have come to a close. I lost it today. Actually, I was told that the company could no longer afford to pay me (or another girl) because it was on the verge of bankruptcy. So I’m not a loser, I’m just someone without a job.

I guess I should be mad because I didn’t have any fair warning and haven’t budgeted for this, but I’m not. I really hated it, as I’ve posted in the past, and I feel really neutral about the loss. I have talked to a couple of clients and told them I’m available for freelance work. I called my editor at 417 Magazine and told him he could send more stories my way. So I’m working on making some money. This week, for the most part, I think I’ll work in the studio. Maybe my mind will be clear enough for me to come up with something exciting and new. If anyone knows of any part time work in the creative field, let me know.

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