All Dressed Up For School

Today I went over to MSU to take care of all my school stuff before classes start on Monday. I’m so excited and I feel like a kid! I want to go out and get my new school shoes just like in Jr. High! Anyway, I went over to Sarah’s office to return some jewelry books, got a new student ID (complete with my sassy new hair ‘do), bought my books and got fee cards for supplies. Tomorrow I’m going to get all the cobwebs off my backpack, that’s been shoved under my work bench, and get some supplies together. This semester I’m learning forging and casting neither of which I know anything about. Should be fun. Steve mentioned he’d like me to learn mokume-gane but I’m here to tell you, it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe I’ll cast him a new wedding ring. That would be cool.


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3 responses to “All Dressed Up For School

  1. I’d like something in gold and titanium, please…

  2. To quote my late grandmother, “People in hell want ice water.”

  3. Anne

    Hey Steve – I can tell you where to find sympathy!

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