Topic of the Week

Now that I’ve discovered the joys of the iPod this week’s topic will center around music. What’s your favorite song? You can pick one of the moment or of all time.

My favorite song of all time is “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. It’s a song I never grow tired of hearing.


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3 responses to “Topic of the Week

  1. Greg

    Anything by Kelly Clarkson. No! Kidding! I would say, hm, perhaps “I Will Survive” as reinterpreted by Cake.

  2. Anne

    Mine would be “Joy To The World” by Three Dog Night – it always reminds me of Sally’s wedding reception when the band played that song incessantly and we all drank a bit too much and danced like crazy. Bob Jester got blitzed and kept talking about all the Pi Phucks – and Wes’s boss passed out and Sally’s brothers had to carry him out while the boss referred to them as “the bouncers.” Just a little insight into the wild and wacky world of your parents in 1972 while you and Ralph stayed with Grammie and Keck for a few days.

  3. It’s nice to know that having children didn’t interrupt your party life!

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