Across The Universe

Ever feel like the universe is shifting and you can’t hold on? That’s how I feel right now. It seems like people I care about are facing all sorts of things in their lives that they can’t control. One friend recently buried her 30 year-old son. Another (former) friend drove his business into the ground and hurt many people in the process. A call from a friend yesterday informed me that her family is facing cancer again. Her dad died from it just 18 months ago. Still another friend is battling work issues and is uncertain about her future income. Add to that, friends with marriage troubles and you can see how things are shifting.

Not all is bad. Things with Steve and I are great and I think it’s because we need to be the rocks my other friends lean on right now. Yes, I lost my job and that sucks, but I gained some sanity, I’m going back to school and I’m being forced to live more sensibly. Seriously, do I really need 50 bottles of nail polish? Well, sometimes, but you get my point.

To my friends who read this and possibly recognize yourself in this post, please know I care about you, I think of you often and I’m here for you. I might not have much, but I can make you look good while you’re dealing with all this other crap!

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