Whiter Shade of Pale

Sometimes I feel so white. I don’t come from an interesting cultural background and there’s no real ethnicity in my family. We’re white, plain and simple. Now, I did have a Dutch great-grandmother, and I’ve heard rumors of Indian and Scottish blood in my family, but I sometimes wish we actually celebrated our heritage. Case in point: last night I attended a girl party hosted by Yasmine who teaches my belly dancing classes. I arrived late, but just in time to see all the wonderful dancing demonstrations. Several advanced students performed and then special guest, Yolanda Lorge, did a traditional Flamenco dance. I was mesmerized. I swear, I’d almost give up belly dancing to do what she did last night. She danced to a selection from Carmen and it was so beautiful. I asked her afterwards if she taught dancing and she replied, “no.” She didn’t know of anyone in the area who taught it.

So I think it just might be my duty to research some of my family history and find something colorful and interesting to celebrate.


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2 responses to “Whiter Shade of Pale

  1. Paulette

    Hey – Tammy – love your blog! I agree. She was awesome. I especially loved all the stomps and skirt swirling. I like the haughty sensuality of flamenco. That;s something we don’t have enough of in our dance. That insoucience. It’s kind of dangerous and sexy.

  2. Hi Paulette! Welcome to my blog. I think you summed up flamenco really well. It IS the haughty sensuality and its dangerous, sexy way that make it so appealing. I love it!

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