Our local mall is undergoing renovations and it’s been interesting to see what they’re doing. First, we’re getting some new stores (Banana Republic – yawn, J. Bucks – whatever, and maybe Pottery Barn – yawn again). The outside is undergoing a complete overhaul and the inside is getting a nice facelift with new tile, skylights, benches and a play area. Today, I noticed that in tearing up the old floor, they had exposed the original floor. I’ve been a Mall Rat since birth so it was fun to see the old brick that used to be there. I had forgotten it had blue in it! Ah, the days when our mall had only three department stores (Dillard’s, JC Penney and Montgomery Wards), a Woolworths, The Redbud Tree Gift Shop, Hot Sam’s Pretzels, A & W, to name a few. I remember the wonderful fountain that was in front of JC Penney. It was so cool to see it as a kid.

Man, I sound like an old fart.


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6 responses to “Memories

  1. Cindy

    Oooh … the old Mall! McCrory’s, was it Mary Jane’s?, the fountain (of course), Swiss Colony, Spencers, Century 21 movie theatre, and Tiffany’s bakery. I need to stop — I’ve entered some sort of time warp.

  2. I forgot all about Swiss Colony! I loved the samples and the candies with liqueur in them. I saw the last movie they showed at Century 21. It was Hamlet.

    I don’t remember McCrory’s/Mary Jane’s. I do remember Osco (perfect place for nail polish), Plaza Shoes, Newman’s, Barth’s – oh, I could go on and on.

  3. Cindy

    McCrory’s was a dime store that predated Heers, with the same outside entrance. We would buy candy there on our way to the summer movies. Mary Janes (?) was shoes or clothes on the same side as Century 21, way down toward the Dillard’s end, just before you got to some steps; the water fountain was next to it. I remember Barth’s because you could buy Boy Scout stuff there (!) Is Piccadilly Cafeteria still there? And Aladdin’s Castle may have moved to the new area. Such as blast from the past. Marx? Foxmoor (the shop of choice for many a teenage girl)?

  4. I remember them now! Piccadilly left about 18 months or so ago when they remodeled the entrance. The space is now Z Boutique, a local store filled with Brighton purses and accessories, and clothes encrusted with sequins. Aladdin’s Castle has been gone for years. I loved Foxmoor! One of my favorite outfits was from there. It was a brown/orange/cream plaid skirt and brown velvet jacket. I remember wearing it when I went to church with Anjanette Cardin. I paired this fabulous ensemble with some great platform Famalare shoes my grandmother bought me at Newman’s. That’s also where I got my perfume – Gloria Vanderbilt, Halston, Anais Anais, even Enjolie. Marx and Barths were the places my dad and grandfather frequented during the sales. I remember they both bought their sport coats and dress shirts there.

  5. Anne

    Boy you both sound like old farts so you know what that makes me!!! Wasn’t McCrory’s where Ralph got lost? You know the time she got away and you cried and said you really did love her – and then you chose to ride home w/Aunt Susie and she turned out to be meaner than me (if that’s possible!)

  6. I don’t know where Ralph got lost, but some guy found her down by Musicland which was near Dillard’s, if I remember correctly. Ralph was the one who chose to ride home with Aunt Susie and she received quite a verbal lashing for wandering away from us. I did not get in trouble that day!

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