The Glamorous Life

Let’s salute Glamour magazine today for providing us 67 years of fashionable Dos and Don’ts. With this in mind, it’s time to revise some of the old rules.

• Shoes and handbags do not need to match. Coordinate them, but don’t worry about color matching
• Black is an acceptable color to wear to a wedding. Especially an evening or formal affair.
• Unless your office rules say otherwise, skip pantyhose with your skirts. The look is very dated.
• White can be worn all year, however, summer or winter fabrics should be reserved for that season. Also, if wearing white in the winter, wear closed toed shoes.

Some rules never go out of style and the most important one is to never have VPLs (visible panty lines). So go out there and have a glamorous day!


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5 responses to “The Glamorous Life

  1. Paulette

    I still think you should do a Springfield do’s and don’ts – I volunteer to be your first “don’t”! I’ll wear my foldover gauchos with VPLs, my flip flops, and too-tight tshirt. Just put the black bar over my whole body. please.

  2. Paulette, I would never feature you as a “don’t”! You never look bad when I see you! Unless you’re just volunteering to be a “don’t” for the sake of the article.

    A Dos and Don’t of Springfield would be too hard – too many don’ts to choose from.

  3. Anne

    I’m sure you’re ready to volunteer me to be your perfect “Don’t” example since you have been critiquing my attire for most of your life. Unfortunately I work in one of those outdated offices that demands pantyhose with skirts so I have spent most of the summer in pants and sandals – not quite as dressy most of the time but a lot more comfortable.

    Keep up the good job with the tips – you know I follow your adivce 95% of the time – the major exception being my flowered suit and shoes!

  4. Paulette

    I’m going to wear my most “don’t” outfit next weds when you come in, just to convince you otherwise. I’m very self-destructive, in a playful way. I’ll make sure to accessorize with your jewelry…

  5. Oh, now that’s just mean! Wearing a horrible Don’t outfit and finishing it with MY jewelry! You’re silly.

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