They Might Be Giants

When did everything get bigger? Last night, Steve and I were shopping at Target (Tar-Jay) and we needed paper towels. Seems like an easy, basic purchase but it wasn’t. Paper towel manufacturers are taking their cue from toilet paper manufacturers and making the rolls larger. We store our rolls in a 1950s towel holder so even regular rolls don’t fit until we’ve used about 1/4 of it. Now, we’re facing even larger rolls. I noticed that TP is now coming in sizes equivalent to 2 regular rolls. These don’t fit on my holder. It’s becoming a scavenger hunt to see if I can find regular sized products when shopping. Some things are better in larger quantities. Diet Coke and coffee are two that come to mind. But I don’t need, or even want, so much stuff at one time. I don’t have to storage space for all of it.

It’s funny how things are becoming larger, yet as people we’re expected to become smaller. The “ideal” body is about a size 4, but the “average” American woman is a size 14. Even clothing sizes have grown. A dress manufactured in the 1960s and labeled a size 14 is equivalent to today’s size 8. It’s no wonder we’re growing. Last time we ate out, the hamburger I ordered was 1/2 a pound of meat, yet a serving of protein is only 4 ounces. I only ate half of it and that was still more than I needed.

Bigger isn’t always better. While it may be more convenient to buy larger rolls of paper products, more cost effective to shop at Sam’s or Cosco, and more satisfying to be served a larger burger, I prefer my things a little smaller.

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  1. Suzanne

    Yeppers. My basement looks like I have prepared for Armageddon…with only paper products. I bought a whole shelving unit just to store “overstock”.

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