Hairanoia Will Destroy Ya

I was scheduled to have a hair cut/color today and I was really jazzed about it. I’m so ready for a color change! Well, as I was getting out of the shower, my cell phone voice mail went off meaning only one thing: my appointment was canceled. Yup, Brook is sick and I have to reschedule. I was really irritated. This was going to mess up my day. However, I realize Brook’s day is much worse than mine. After all, she’s at home feeling crappy and I just have to be patient. Plus, I think in four years this is the first time she’s been sick when I was on the schedule so I really can’t be mad.

Good news is that my last hair cut was terrific and has grown out really nicely. You know how some hair cuts are only good for about a week then start looking really shaggy, well this one has been good from the beginning. Now that I have another week to wait, I’m asking you, my dear readers, to weigh in on hair color opinions. I don’t really want red; I’ve done that before. I’m thinking of a medium brown with honey and champagne highlights.



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2 responses to “Hairanoia Will Destroy Ya

  1. Anne

    What’s your natural color? And since you’ll probably want to know mine, the answer is Hell I have no idea but it’s probably mousy brown with LOTS of gray. I’m in NO hurry to find out what color it really is.

  2. My natural color is dark blonde/light brown. That’s why I was thinking darker might looks cool. Keep highlights around the face for contrast.

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