Topic of the Week

We’ve all talked about our “lists.” That silly list you have of people you would have a fling with, no strings attached, no questions asked. The list of famous people you secretly, or not so secretly, lust for. Well, Suzanne came up with the idea of a weekend flings and one night stands list of people who wouldn’t be suitable for long-term relationships (really none of them are, this is just fun) but who would be fun for the weekend. Here’s my list. You’ll notice a heavy amount of rock stars on it. Also, since this is fantasy and we can make up rules, you can pick guys (or gals) from different eras. You’ll see what I mean.

* Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Trent Reznor
* David Bowie
* Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back
* Sean Connory as James Bond from Goldfinger
* Matthew Sweet
* Chris Isaak

So what’s on your list?


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6 responses to “Topic of the Week

  1. Suzanne

    Dave Navarro
    James Spader
    Gabriel Byrne
    Anderson Cooper
    Liam Neeson (his suffering persona/smoking would annoy me in time)
    Anthony LaPaglia circa 1980’s

  2. Suzanne

    …Hugh Jackman, Bono…

  3. Cindy

    Sorry, Suzanne, but you’re not Anderson Cooper’s type …

  4. Suzanne

    Can I have him anyway???? Just for a weekend…its fantasy, right?

  5. Suzanne, I’m shocked James Spader is on your weekend list. He’s number 2 on my permanent list so I assumed he was on yours.

    However, James Spader from Secretary would be a fun weekend fling.

    I’ll forego Bono and go for Edge instead. Left him off the original list. He’s yummy!

  6. Suzanne

    Spader is on all my lists 😉 Kinky little perv that he is. Some of the things I have planned will take longer than just one night.

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