Another Manic Monday

Many people assume that since I don’t have a “real” job, I have tons of time to do nothing. It’s like they think I spend all day lounging around the house just waiting for someone to call so I can have something to do. Well, they’re wrong. My days are busier than ever and will get worse as the holiday season approaches. So, lest you think I have nothing to do, let me tell you about my day so far.

I got up around 7-ish, drank some water and worked out. When I got home from my walk/run I did some sit ups on my exercise ball. I did relax for about a half hour while I read the paper and had a cup of coffee. Then I ate breakfast and got in the shower. Since the weather has changed, I took about 15 minutes to go through my fall clothes and find something to wear. I then left the house, ran to Target, went to a noon ribbon cutting, ran a quick errand and returned home around 12:30 pm. I ate lunch and went over to school. Class is from 3-6, but I’m working on my project and wanted to get there early. I worked from 1-5 on my piece then came home. Checked email, gathered discs for Vickie to come pick up and am now writing this blog entry. My evening will consist of enamel work and maybe (a strong maybe here) some housework.

So that’s today. Tomorrow, I’m going to spend the morning in the studio, then I have to work at school until 4:30, then more studio work if I feel like it. All in all, my days are filled. I’m really happy with my schedule, but if I don’t answer the phone, forget to do something or sound rushed when you talk to me, please understand I’m actually busy!


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3 responses to “Another Manic Monday

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  2. Melissa Henning

    UMMMM I think you left out the little part about hanging out at Dillard’s for a couple hours everyday. Since that is your favorite place to be.

  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about. You can’t prove it.

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