A Certain Sadness

We’re never prepared to lose a loved one. It seems like when they go we shout, “I’m not ready to lose you,” and think of the last conversation we had or the last time we saw them. This morning’s peace was shattered by a phone call from a good friend. She lost her brother last night. They were very close despite an age difference of about 15 years. He was doing what he loved best, helping his son’s Boy Scout Troop, when he suffered a fatal heart attack. Naturally, my friend is a wreck. She works in the funeral industry so planning the service is what will get her through this time. She talked fondly of him, how close they were, and the plans she had to honor him. It’s going to be a tough road for her ahead, but she’ll make it.

Another friend is facing the challenge of watching her sister battle cancer. Things don’t look good, but her sister’s attitude is positive which will serve her well in the long run. Miracles do happen. When things look darkest, a light shines and all is better. I hope that’s the case here. In the meantime she, too, will take life day by day.

Today, hug someone a little longer than you normally would. Take a few minutes more on the phone to a good friend. Stop what you’re doing and be thankful for what you have. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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