Under Pressure

Does anyone have any idea how close Christmas is???!!! Anyone???!!! I’m a bit stressed here, people. I have tons of jewelry to make, a class to complete, new stuff to learn, a trip to Chicago, articles to write – argh!!! Today, I took an innocent trip to Waverly House to deliver a piece I’d made as a special order. I ended up selling two other pieces that I’d just made last Saturday. Yes, this is good news, but it seems like I just can’t make this stuff fast enough. I’m a one-person shop!

I need help. I need a studio assistant. I need a drink.


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5 responses to “Under Pressure

  1. Suzanne

    ..a drink? Maybe a dry white riesling?
    Be right over!

  2. I’ll have it chilled by the time you arrive.

  3. Carrie

    Solution: Go to MSU and offer a student the unique “opportunity” to be your apprentice for a couple of months. Tell them that this amazing “privelage” will come at absolutely no charge to them. (Wow!) Should their productivity exceed your expectations, you may even offer them the once in a lifetime chance to work your station at Winterfest. (When you feel like getting the heck outta there!) Instead of an interview, you could have them serve guests at your wine tasting. You know…to see how they deal with the public. Kick back with a glass and enjoy.

  4. Greg

    Carrie’s idea isn’t half-bad. Offer an internship in metalsmithing and marketing. Put them in charge of gathering an e-mail list at Winterfest and making little e-blasts where you sound off on the latest trends… and which Red Bee Design appropriately matches. $$$$$$$.

    Now having made a brilliant permutation of someone else’s idea, I’m going to go back to work this sleepy morning.

  5. Great minds think alike. Last night, Sam came over and has agreed to help me. He’s one of the students in my class. We’ll be working together on Monday nights when Steve plays Halo.

    I like the idea of him working WinterFest with me. I’ll see what he thinks. It would be a good experience for him. As for serving wine…he is 21, but many of the students aren’t so I have to be careful! I like your thinking, though.

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