That Smell – Part 2

Ah, Nordstrom. The place where dreams come true. Such was the case last night when Suzanne and I ventured into the Fragrance Department. Enter Pat Mullins, certified fragrance sales specialist. This woman knows her stuff! She’s like a walking encyclopedia of fragrance knowledge. I told her I was looking for something new, but wasn’t having any luck. I wanted a special fragrance that wasn’t sold in Dillard’s or Macy’s. She immediately showed me the new scent from Badgley Mischka. It was lovely. I told her I wore Stella Sheer by Stella McCartney and she introduced me to Stella In Two, the latest fragrance from the designer which is meant to be layered with her other scents. Bingo! Since I’d just purchased a new bottle of Stella Sheer in late summer, this seemed like the perfect addition. On one hand, she layered Stella In Two with Stella and on the other hand, she sprayed the Badgley Mischka. She told me to walk around for 20 minutes and let it set.

In the meantime, Suzanne had discovered Miss Dior Cherie which was an interesting combination of strawberries, caramel popcorn, green tangerine, strawberry leaves, violette, pink jasmine, patchouli and musk. It wasn’t a favorite of mine, but it was interesting on Suzanne. As it wore on, the strawberry really came through but not in a sticky, sweet way, more subtle and adult.

I was sniffing each hand trying to figure out what I liked. Steve immediately liked the Stella layers and the Badgley Mischka was turning fruity so I decided against it. Another trip into Nordstrom and Pat demanded to smell each hand. She declared the BM to be “wrong” for me, but said the Stella was perfect. I bought the Stella In Two and Pat then gave me a talk on layering my fragrances. I said I didn’t have the lotion, but used an unscented lotion instead. She said that was ok, but I should be layering for the best effect. She gave me a very generous sample of the In Two lotion and sent me on my way. Suzanne was still debating the Miss Dior Cherie so she didn’t purchase anything.

Today, I debut the new “Tammy” fragrances. I’ll be layering Stella Absolute Rose (another sample I received) with Stella In Two. I’ll let you know how I smell.

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  1. Suzanne

    My personal notes on the Miss Dior Cherie, it continued to evolve over the entire evening. The scent wasn’t whole until I layered the parfum with the cream, then it was almost magical — first the tangerine was stronger, then the strawberry…later, it was mossy and a bit floral. Never noticed the patchouli or caramel popcorn. Always seemed feminine, but not something reminiscent of matronly or grandmotherly perfumes.

    I’m going back to try it again later this weekend. I have a gift card for Nordstrom that expires soon!

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