Only A Memory

I have an amazing sense of smell, so it’s no wonder perfumes and colognes ingrain themselves into my memory and take me back to times in my life. For example, I distinctly remember the Christmas my Nana and Papa gave me my first grown-up perfume. It was Babe by Faberge. I wanted Love’s Baby Soft, but my sister got it instead and I was insanely jealous. I think I was 12 or 13 at the time. I remember throwing a fit and apologizing to my grandparents for being an ungrateful brat. Of course, they forgave me! I thought it would be fun to take a scented trip down memory lane so here’s a sample of my fragrance history.

In high school, I wore Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt, Ralph Lauren’s Tuxedo, Anais Anais by Cacharel, Halston and Tatiana. I also had a small bottle of Enjoli which my good friend, Dan Boone (his real name) loved. It was the early 80s when I was in HS so all the guys wore Polo by Ralph Lauren. Every time I smell it, I’m transported back to HS. Great memories.

When I got to college, my fragrances became more heavy. By now it was the mid to late 80s when it seemed like everyone was wearing Dior’s Poison. I wore Paloma Picasso and Opium. Both make me gag to smell them today.

After college, I got caught up in the body lotion/body spray craze of the early 90s. I wore Victoria’s Secret Sparkling Cassis for years until they (thankfully) discontinued it. I tried Ralph Lauren’s Safari for a while, then I graduated to Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers, which I was wearing when I met Steve, who wore Ralph Lauren’s Polo Crest at the time.

Shortly after Steve and I were married, I wore Romance by Ralph Lauren and RL discontinued Polo Crest so Steve started wearing Polo Blue which he still wears. Two years ago, I discovered Stella Sheer and the fragrance story ends today with my addition of Stella In Two to my collection.

What fragrances do you wear? What did you wear when you were younger?


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8 responses to “Only A Memory

  1. Carrie

    Demeter- Sex on the Beach. It is fruity but not overpowering. And it is fun to say that I wear “Sex on the Beach”, or that I have “Sex on the Beach”, etc. etc. etc. Immature? Yes! Does it smell good? Oh Yes!

  2. I used to wear Demeter’s Gin and Tonic! I loved the lime smell and I also had fun commenting that I wore Gin and Tonic.

  3. Carrie

    Pumpkin Pie is next!

  4. Stay away from Steve – pumpkin pie is his favorite food! He’ll be swooning at your scent.

  5. Carrie

    I heard once that men are attracted to a combination of pumpkin pie, black licorice and a third scent that was kind of weird. If I could remember what that third one was, I would be a millionaire. E-harmony? Why Bother? Try Parfum de Attraction! (OK…I’ll work on the name)

  6. Anne

    Be sure to read “Bizarro” today in the comics.

    As for my “scent history” I was obsessed with Obsession by Calvin Klein for years – then several years ago switched to Amber Romance by Victoria’s Secret – stupid name but it’s light and works for me with the body cream and spray/splash stuff. No surprise that I get in a rut with one fragrance and stay with it for years! You probably remember better than I do what I wore before Obsession – I got my first bottle of it for my 40th birthday.

  7. Mom, I remember you had a huge bottle of Jean Nate body splash which you put on after your bath. It was really lemony – like Pledge. I liked the bottle design because the cap was a big, black ball.

  8. Cheryl Mead

    I’m a perfume nut I’m always trying new ones and I have the best memories of my first fragrance Babe by faberge I loved it and wore it in the late 70’s early 80’s up until I was about 20yrs.old. I was so sad it was discontinued I bought every bottle I could find at the drugstore until it was gone from the shelves for good I still remember how it smelled and all my friends said it was my signature scent!! I’d love to have a bottle just to bring back those great memories! sure enough checked on-line and you can buy a vintage bottle for around 175.00 WOW !

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