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Mmm, mmm, nothing says “cold weather” like a nice chafing dish full of meat and cream! This week’s recipe is Meat Balls with French Cream. Ground beef, green olives, flour and butter combine to make tasty meatballs. Mix Worcestershire sauce, onion juice, cream and lemon juice to make a lovely cream sauce. Serve atop pilaf and you’re ready for a sophisticated dinner for four.

Personally, this might taste good, but it looks like something barfed up after an all night kegger. Am I wrong here? Serving it in a silver chafing dish just makes it sophisticated crap rather than regular crap.



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4 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Suzanne

    “Serving it in a silver chafing dish just makes it sophisticated crap rather than regular crap”

    Well, that’s what they did with Fancy Feast cat food in commercials – put it in a cut-crystal bowl, and Lauren Bacall’s the voice over – for added sophistication.

    Come to think of it, that does look a little like cat food in the photo…

  2. Good point. You can sell anything with a sophisticated voice and some crystal or silver dishes!

  3. Carrie

    Oooohhhh goodness. Someone was getting crafty with their culinary skills. Are lemon juice, onion juice, olives and cream ever a good combination? Me thinks not. I have the distinct feeling that this is the result of pantry-itis: A recipe conceived from a lack of desire to grocery shop, and a lack of cohesive ingredients in the pantry. Or, your little cookbook there had to meet a quota.

  4. La sauce Worchestershire being an integral part of la cuisine française, I am going home immediately to cook this dish and will write about it in 12-page feature for a forthcoming issue. Or perhaps not.

    That said, I did have lunch at Riad restaurant today, and he serves a lamb and seared vegetables kebab on top of a rice pilaf, with a creamy perhaps-French sauce in a mini-ramekin on the side (no onion juice or lemon involved WHATsoever). Maybe you could do the same presentation with a skewer of beef cubes and green olives, roasted or grilled with olive oil, then served over pilaf (or faster, couscous). But meatballs on top of rice…. Well. I’ll pass until after the kegger.

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