Tough Enough

Ever have one of those days when you felt a little tough? Well, today was one of those days for me. I wanted an edge; to feel a little daring. I donned my favorite jeans, my super-fab Frye boots, a black velvet blazer, and, the coups de grace, my skull-print scarf. I felt so rock and roll. That is, until my first destination. “Oh, what a cute scarf. Perfect for the season,” the woman said. Dammit! I didn’t think about it being related to Halloween! No, I was being edgy and tough. By the third comment I was ready to rip the damned thing off. When my buddies at the MAC counter commented on it (they loved it) I told them I was a pirate and if they pissed me off, I’d take their ship.

Think I’ll wait until after the 31st to wear it again.


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2 responses to “Tough Enough

  1. Kel

    I almost bought a skull scarf at ross the other day. I’m sure you looked very cool. I was wondering how your rolling mill is working out for you? I found your site while doing a google search for a mill. I too want a Durston. You know so many tools so little money. I am enjoying your site.
    From a lampwork and metals freak in NC

  2. Unfortunately, the pre-holiday season rush has meant I haven’t played with my new rolling mill much. However, for the money, it’s a nice little addition to the studio.

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