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Continuing our theme of meat and meat products, this week I give you the lovely “Deviled Bones.” Seriously, that’s the name. Allow me to share the description with you:

“These hearty beef bones are brushed with a tangy sauce and flavored with hickory.”

Are we feeding people or dogs here? Perhaps, as the picture tells us, men are dogs. Well, sometimes anyway. This recipe encourages the eater to “eat in Henry VIII style!” Delicious! Meaty bones covered in a lovely red-brown sauce to be picked up in the hands and eaten like a gluttonous member of the royal family. So, next week, as you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, be grateful you’re not eating “Deviled Bones.”



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8 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Suzanne

    By ‘bones’ are we talking about ribs?

  2. Suzanne

    The research queen to the rescue!

    James Boswell (1740-1795), Samuel Johnson’s biographer, often referred to partaking of deviled bones for supper. In a biography published in 1791, James Boswell referred to partaking of a dish of “devilled bones” for supper. The bones were generally those of cold poultry, game or beef. The pieces of meat were covered with what was then called devil sauces. NOTE: This may be the earliest published use of the word “devil” as a cooking term meaning “to cook something with hot spices or condiments.” Most Food historians believe that the term was adopted because of the connection between the devil and the excessive heat in Hell.

  3. Suz, you’re cracking me up! Only you would research this. Thanks for the additional info!

  4. Anne

    And why do you think you won’t be served deviled bones on Thanksgiving? You keep putting out all these recipes and of course I plan to make and present all of them for your enjoyment next Thursday. I, on the other hand, will be quite happy with a bocca burger and some WW yogurt if you care to join me at my end of the table!!!

  5. Oh right! Like you’re even cooking. However, if you want a Boca burger and WW yogurt, then that’s what you’ll get!

  6. Wow. Deviled Bones sounds like the name of a bad restaurant in Purgatory.

    Can we get a close-up of the bones?

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  8. Suzanne

    ….really wanting to spout off some Dante here….

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