I Enjoy Being A Girl

Look what came in the mail today! A whole treasure of MAC Cosmetics and all for me! Melissa, the counter manager at our MAC counter in Dillard’s, hooked me up with the head make-up artist for the company, Gina. I told her, Gina that is, that I was interested in hearing about the new spring make-up trends since I had heard she’d attended Fashion Week in Paris. She said she’d send me some samples and this is what came today!


These are samples from the current line, “Nocturnelle,” and upcoming lines “Jewelscent” and “Danse.” I’m so excited I don’t even want to use them! I just want to look at them. Guess I know what I’m putting in my mom’s stocking this year.


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6 responses to “I Enjoy Being A Girl

  1. Suzanne

    Yummy! Make-up toys! Suzy’s jealous πŸ˜‰
    Are you working on an article for 417 with these?

  2. ralph

    Mom’s stocking??? What about me?

  3. Trust me, they aren’t colors you’d like. You’ll get to play with the leftovers when you’re here next week/ I have a Lip Gelee color I think you’d like.

  4. Anne

    Oh thanks Ralph – I can tell where I rate with you. Guess I’ll make other plans for the first weekend in December and help Tammy at Winterfest since she appreciate me so much!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Actually, what you two need to keep in mind is that I’m the one you should be nice to. There’s no actual guarantee I’ll share my goodies with you. Let the sucking up begin….

  6. Anne

    I’m always nice – and I gave you permission to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show too! Besides you don’t like the same makeup colors that I do!

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