That's Liza With a 'Z'

Rarely does a make-up trend escape me. I’ve tried almost all of them even if it was in the privacy of my own home. However, yesterday I ventured into uncharted make-up territory: false eyelashes. We were going to an event last night and my outfit hinted of the 1970s so false eyelashes just seemed natural. However, this wasn’t something I was going to attempt myself. No, this was up to the professionals at my local MAC counter.

Jennifer, artist extraordinaire, created my look. I explained I would be wearing cream satin tuxedo trousers, a black matte silk kimono-sleeve top, and lipstick-red patent pumps. I would be carrying a black vintage clutch purse and wearing my own jewelry. She loved the idea of softer eyes with red lips so I let her do what she does best and didn’t really question her. My eyes were a combination of soft ivory and two shades of taupe. She lined them in black, but it was very soft and smoky. Then came the eyelashes. They felt so weird! She explained that the key to a good look was very little glue, letting the glue set a few seconds before applying, and keeping eyes soft to let the lashes pop. And pop they did. By the time she finished my look and handed me the mirror, I was a bit startled by the transformation. I had HUGE eyelashes. Combined with my new spiky hairdo, I felt like Liza circa 1970. I admit, I wasn’t sure about the look at first because it was really different. However, once I put on my outfit, I felt really chic and cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the experience.

Once we got to the event, we met up with our friends who declared my look “fantastic.” I felt really great about myself, which is the key to enjoying oneself at a party. So, this holiday season when you’re invited to a special party, do yourself a favor and try some false eyelashes. Even with my glasses, the results were stunning.

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