Bond, James Bond

Move over, Sean Connery. Take a back seat, Pierce Brosnan. There’s a new Bond in town and he’s quite the hottie. Last night I spent 2.5 mesmerizing hours drooling over the new Bond, Daniel Craig. At first, like many of you, I was not impressed. A blond Bond?! What was next, a villain with a heart? I don’t think so. Then, I saw several interviews and read a lot about the story line of Casino Royale and I was intrigued. My 007 didn’t let me down. This was, without a doubt, the best Bond movie since Goldfinger. Actually, it knocks Goldfinger out of my first place ranking and sets it at 1.5 on my list.

Casino Royale introduces the audience to Bond. We learn that he’s just received his 007 status and he’s getting used to filling out the role. Note: he fills out his custom-made tuxedo very well. In this movie, Bond makes mistakes, he gets mad, he’s not completely polished. It’s refreshing for a change. The other refreshing thing about this movie is that it doesn’t go over the top with crazy technology, villains who are going to blow up the earth from space, weird gadgets and unbelievable stunts. The most often used piece of equipment in this movie is the cell phone. It’s really fun, the stunts and scenarios are believable, and the sight of Daniel Craig completely nude (even if it is from the side) is breathtaking. I will be seeing this one again.

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  1. Suzanne

    Mmmmmm, yummy! I like hot spies!
    I think I’ll see this sometime this weekend.

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