Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to take this moment share what I’m thankful for in my life. I think we’re all thankful for family and friends but I’d like to take that a bit further. Please note, this is in no specific order.

* I’m thankful that I have friends I can call at any time, day or night, and they’ll listen to me.
* I’m thankful I have a sister who is among those people I think of as my special friends.
* I’m thankful I have a husband who lets me be myself and celebrates that person.
* I’m thankful I lost my job this year. It’s allowing me to become a better metalsmith (I hope).
* I’m thankful I have enough money to pay my bills despite the job loss. I haven’t missed the money even though I thought I had to have it.
* I’m thankful I have a sense of humor. Believe me, it’s sometimes more important than intelligence!
* I’m thankful Steve got a new job this year. He’s so much happier and feels more challenged.
* I’m thankful for my hands. They allow me to make jewelry which makes me happy.
* I’m thankful for my nieces. They are so cute and funny.
* I’m thankful for my neighbors. Eric, Julie and Eva are great to have next door, Mick and Carrie are a fun addition to the neighborhood, and Paul’s a great coffee buddy during the week.
* I’m thankful I have so many friends that I sometimes get overwhelmed with obligations and invitations.
* I’m thankful people actually read this blog and comment!

I’m sure I could list many more, but I have a cake to bake, a pie to check on and a shower to take. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Carrie

    Mick and I are thankful for you too! You have been so welcoming that it made the whole transition much easier. Thank you Tammy and Steve for being such great neighbors and friends! 🙂

    (Ditto that for Paul and the Zackrisons!)

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