Black Friday

Well, another holiday has passed and now it’s time for Christmas. We had a nice Thanksgiving with few incidents, however I can’t resist sharing a story that is still making me smile today.

My sister insists on chilling her cans of Diet Coke in the freezer. She’s done this so many times that she normally stays aware of the soda and doesn’t let it freeze. During the bustle of fixing dinner yesterday, she placed her soda in the freezer compartment of mom’s fridge. At one point, I volunteered to fill the water glasses for the table, so I started to get ice out of the door section of the freezer. After a few seconds, the ice started coming out brownish colored so I opened the door to peer into the compartment. I could tell a soda had exploded, but couldn’t find the can. For some reason I found this really funny. Mom didn’t. She’d been running around (Ralph asked her if she needed her running shoes) and expressed major irritation (don’t deny it, mom) about the situation. Since I knew we’d be running low on ice if I trashed all of it, I just rinsed the Diet Coke off the cubes and filled the glasses. Later, when the kitchen was clean, we decided to remove the tray and clean it out. There, stuck in the metal rotator, was the crushed can of soda. For some reason, it just struck me as really funny. I mean, if that’s the worst thing that happens at a family gathering, then we’re getting off really easy.

Enjoy your Black Friday!


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2 responses to “Black Friday

  1. monte


    I am a serious searcher for a recipe on deviled beef bones as presented by the Waldorf Astoria and featured in the 1964 Waldorf cookbook. The Waldorf does not serve them anymore and the cookbook is rare as a whistling chimp. I came to your site expecting to find my quest satisfied. Unfortunately, I could only locate blither and blather, not the recipe. If you have it, please share.

  2. Apparently, Monte does not want any “blither and blather.” I do not have the Waldorf recipe, only one from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I’m assuming that just will not do. Anyone want to help?

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