Walkin' in a Winter(fest) Wonderland

Those of you who read this blog regularly are probably wondering if I’ve fallen into a snowdrift. Nope, I’m knee deep in holiday art shows. Today is the last day of Springfield’s WinterFest celebration held the first weekend of December at Hammon’s Hall For The Performing Arts. Last year, this was an amazing show for me. This year…well, it’s been a bit different.

First, on Wednesday night, we received freezing rain and sleet which turned into snow by Thursday morning. Schools and businesses were closed and rumors started flying that WinterFest would be cancelled. We were planning to set up Friday at 7 am, but were a bit slow going and didn’t get there until after 7:30. Several artists had cancelled due to the weather and very few showed up early for set-up. We got everything up quickly and got home around 11 am. There were still many vacant spots, including two next to me. The show started at 5 pm and Friday night was pretty slow. Still, I did almost as well as I had the previous year. I was starting to feel hopeful about Saturday since I figured people would be itching to get out of their houses. Well, Saturday was pretty slow too. Sales were ok (I really didn’t expect to do as well since it was my second year) but people still weren’t getting out. Hopefully, today will be great.

Tuesday I’m on the road to St. Louis where I’ll be doing a show on Wednesday and Thursday. Then it’s all over and I can finally concentrate on buying and wrapping Christmas gifts! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. If you’re in the Springfield area, stop by WinterFest today and say “hello.” I’m on the top floor.


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4 responses to “Walkin' in a Winter(fest) Wonderland

  1. Suzanne

    I’m too far away to drop in, but I’ll say “hello” anyway! Looking forward to seeing you and your wares at the Foundry later this week.

  2. Carrie

    The only problem with your show was that it was too hard to choose what I wanted! Seriously girl, you need to start designing some duds because I wanted EVERYTHING!!! 🙂 Thanks Tammy!

  3. Deana

    I am going to try to make it to the Foundry to make some holiday purchases. Let’s be honest, probably all of them for myself!

  4. Cool! I can’t wait to see you and hear about how your job is going.

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