Lost and Foundry

I just finished a two day show at The Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, MO. It was a first time event so, needless to say, it was not financially successful. I did get to meet some [Best of Missouri Hands](http://www.bestofmissourihands.org/) artists and see some of the wonderful work they do. Things moved a little slow at this show, so Suzanne and I entertained ourselves with some observations. Here’s some of the weird things we saw:

* The Honeymooners – This couple could not keep their hands off each other. They slow danced, took pictures, cuddled and giggled all throughout the show. The man was one of the artists and Suz and I had the perfect view from my booth. We were disappointed when she didn’t show the second night. Guess she had other obligations.

* The Aura Chick – People passed by my booth, looking at my jewelry but sometimes not really stopping. I greeted everyone with a cheery “hello” and wished them a nice day. On Thursday, an older woman and her daughter strolled by and I greeted them. The mom stated that she really didn’t wear jewelry anymore since she’d read that metal was harmful to the body. “Oh,” I said, “I’d not heard that.” She replied that metals, especially silver, interfere with one’s aura. Good God. My aura must have left me by now if that’s the case.

* The Untrusting Shopper – Later in the afternoon a rather large woman came by my booth. She was having trouble walking and needed the assistance of her cane. No biggie except she kept propping herself up with my booth which was not excessively stable. She chose a pair of earrings and I told her I’d get them bagged while she paid (there was one checkout point for all artists). She told me she wanted to watch me bag them since she’d been ripped off by an artist before who switched the work. She didn’t discover it until she’d gotten home and the item was damaged. She was very insistent about the whole thing so I made a production about putting the earrings on the card and putting them in the bag. Weird.

* The Martini Gals – Two wonderful “mature” women visited my booth on Thursday afternoon. They oohed and ahhed over my work and made me feel good. One stated that she didn’t have any kind of artistic talent. I said I was sure she had some sort of talent to which she replied that she could make a great martini. Bingo! That’s a talent. We chatted about vodka vs gin and they went on their way. What a fun duo.

All in all, not a good show, but I think I’m glad I went. Ask me in a few days when I’ve caught up on my sleep!


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3 responses to “Lost and Foundry

  1. Suzanne

    New thought about the honeymooners…maybe they weren’t a “real” couple, she’s just an art groupie…

    The martini gals should have had their own booth! They could have been the high-sellers of the show!

  2. Deana

    How did I miss all of the good stories from the show. Had a blast visiting with you and Suzanne!

  3. Sorry, weiner, you showed up too late. However, you were entertaining as well. It was great to see you and catch up. I’ll be back in St. Louis sometime in Jan or Feb and we’ll all have to get together for some shopping and drinking. Not necessarily in that order!

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