Ice, Ice Baby

Well, things here have taken a turn for the weird. Friday, as you may recall, we were in the midst of ripping out the bathroom floor to tile it. Plans were to get it mostly done this weekend. Well, Mother Nature had other ideas. See [Steve’s weblog]( for a detailed summary of the ice storm of 2007. Now we have no electricity, no bathroom and no way to finish the project any time soon. Luckily, our neighbor Paul has electricity and we have access to his house. Right now we’ve set up camp here and are likely to remain until power is restored to our house which could be up to a week. I just hope we don’t lose power here. Forecasters are calling for another inch of ice today and tonight and temps won’t get out of the 20s until later in the week. I’m just glad I have a place to stay, a bathroom to use, and a sane husband who understands me when I start crying.

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  1. Miriam

    Looks like we are of like mind. I titled our blog on the ice storm ice ice baby as well! Sorry to hear you don’t have power – but good to know you do have someone with power nearby. We’ve managed to hang on to our power throughout this whole thing and have been a “warming station” for several people who have been without! My parents lost their power, got it back, and then lost it again! Hang in there and give us a call if you need a second place to warm up.

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