Baby It's Cold Inside

Still no power at our house, but we’re so fortunate to have access to neighbor Paul Boulifard’s empty home. Little did he know last week, when he packed up his moving truck and left an extra key with us, that he’d end up being our saviour. We’ve spent three nights here and are figuring we’ll have to stay the week. Mick and Carrie, another neighbor couple, are our roomies through the whole thing. Luckily, we all seem to get along.

Yesterday, Steve, Carrie and I drove to Branson so Steve could visit his company’s home office. Carrie and I indulged in some retail therapy at the outlet mall where I scored a new inflatable bed at the Coleman outlet. It was the best $40 I’ve ever spent. Steve said it was much better and his neck didn’t hurt this morning. I figure it’s cheaper than a hotel and we can always use it for our nieces when they visit.

Today, Steve and Eric (another neighbor) are going to attempt to cut down the branches that are blocking our driveway. Eric called an electrician friend who is going to look at our houses to make sure nothing was damaged on the outside. City Utilities is recommending that so, when power is restored, all will reconnect smoothly. Everyone is working together and helping each other. It’s comforting to have friends and neighbors coming together to help. This is how things should be. Hope all is well with everyone reading this post. I’ll write more when I have a chance.

Oh, as of last night at 7 p.m., our house temperature was 41 degrees. The cats are not happy.

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