And on the 6th Day…

The fun continues (note dripping sarcasm). We’re on day 6 of no electricity and we’re still living in Paul’s empty house, although it’s not really empty right now. The temp dropped to 29˚ in our house and the cats had to be moved. They are in our “bedroom” and have adapted well. Paul, if you’re reading this, I can assure you they are not causing any harm to your house. I reached my breaking point on Tuesday night while we were moving the cats. I burst into tears and Steve shooed me out of the house with Tidbit in a duffle bag while he attempted to corral Littles. I cried all the way back to Paul’s and continued for several minutes until I calmed down a bit. That night, we got no sleep as the cats were freaked out by the move and kept jumping on us and crying. Last night was better, except for Littles who wanted constant attention. Today is another day. I don’t hold out much hope for electricity, but who knows. I am extremely grateful for a warm house, safe cats and a daily shower. I have so much more than many people around me.

Observations on life without electricity:

* Sometimes all you really need is love. The support of family and friends has been amazing. The calmness of Steve has kept me sane.

* A warm house and an comfortable bed can cure some degree of depression.

* While I adore an extensive wardrobe, I really can live with only 2 pair of jeans. However, I don’t think I’ll be purging my closet too soon.

* I miss TV and the Internet.

* A shoulder to cry on is invaluable to my sanity.

* Emergency situations bring out my creativity.

* Living without real furniture is a drag.

* The best money I ever spent was $40 on a really good inflatable bed and $40 on a battery-powered radio that also gets TV reception.


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2 responses to “And on the 6th Day…

  1. Ohhh…I feel so sorry for you! You’re cold and displaced and your kitties are confused!

    I really hope you guys get power back soon!

  2. Yeah, I’m getting a touch tired of living in Branson with the fam. Sounds like you’re not doing as well (haven’t started weeping just yet). But yay for real beds, Inter-Web, full grocery stores and plenty of gasoline and general thankfulness.

    My blog has my adventures this past week as well.


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