Revolution #9

In times of disaster, never ask if it will get worse. Believe me, it can and it has. Today, on day #9 without power, we lost power at Paul’s house as well. My nerves are shattered. Thankfully, we have a warm bed at Duane and Prudy’s for as long as we need it. Their accomodations are like a five star hotel. We have an incredibly comfortable bed, our own flat screen TV in the bedroom, our own bathroom and the entire downstairs to ourselves. Which is where the bar is. Coincidence? Karma? Yes. While I’m eternally grateful for their friendship, love and warm accomodations, I miss my house and my kitties. I feel like nothing will ever get back to the same even though I know it will.

The day started with so much hope. The cable guys were in our neighborhood and hooked up our cable (gee, if only we had electricity). I saw some tree trimming trucks and there were rumors of spotting City Utilities trucks as well. Alas, nothing has progressed. Now I think I’m getting sick on top of it all. Yep, I’m depressed.

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