Now I’m really in a bad mood. My power is up, my cable is back (phone’s still dead, but I can deal with that), the house is warm but where am I? I’m still at Duane and Prudy’s because I woke up this morning so sick I couldn’t move. My joints ache, my head feels like it’s going to explode and my sinuses are a mess. Dammit! I’m supposed to be at school today. I should be in my newly warm house right now basking in the joys of electricity. The good news is that I called my professor, Sarah, and she reserved my locker for me and signed me up for my monitor hours. So calling in sick did allow me first choice at monitor hours. I guess that’s one good thing about all this.

Maybe after a day of rest, juice and water I’ll feel better. I can’t be sick for my first welding class tomorrow night!


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4 responses to “$%&*#@

  1. linda carlile

    Hi there sorry for all the bad aches and pains hope all of you gets better before your welding class. I think it is cool that you are going to a welding class, Scott was a welder for 9 and a half years buildings not jewelry but still cool is cool.

  2. Matt’s sick too – I think the stress of the storm makes you extra vulnerable to stuff like this. The good news is, if your head feels bad, then it’s probably just a cold. Get better soon!

  3. No way! Man…

    Once you’re past January, this year has to start shaping up for you. Your welding class will be fun, your bathroom remodel will turn out beautifully, etc.

    It just has to start looking up for you!

    (I’ve heard of a lot of people getting sick recently. I’m off to drink a Danactive and take some vitamins right now!)

  4. Linda: Good to hear from you! I had no idea Scott was a welder. Well, I’m not any good, but I’ll just keep on practicing.

    Zarah: Tell Matt I feel his pain! Let’s get together when everyone is well which I hope is soon!

    Staci: You’re right – things just have to get better. I managed to fight off sickness through the holidays and Steve getting sick, but the stress of last week just wore me down. Keep up with the vitamins and stay relaxed.

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