Almost Done!

The bathroom is almost done! Now all that’s left are details and we could work on those for ages. Yesterday, Kevin again gave us his valuable help and came over to install the sink and toilet. What should have been a simple task got completely out of hand. The sink pipe was crumbling so Steve and Kevin had to go buy a new one before it could be installed. They came back with the wrong size. Then, discovered they needed a flexible pipe to get it hooked up correctly. Today we have the toilet, but not the sink. Steve has to go to Lowe’s and get the final piece. Next up, finishing the closet. I spend a couple of hours patching holes and cracks. I finally decided it would never be perfect and to just get it as nice as possible. I need to repatch the holes (the plaster cracked) and then sand and paint before installing the shelves. I hope we’re finished by this weekend!

Here’s how things look right now:


Here’s the inside of the closet that still needs painting:


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