Winter Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago it was the ice storm of the century. This week it’s snow. Will winter ever end? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow when Puxatawney Phil shows his little head. Meanwhile, we’ll just have to weather the storm, so to speak.

While I don’t mind the snow too much, walking to and from class in the storm yesterday wasn’t fun. Then, in true Springfield fashion, people left work early to get home and started driving like idiots. The news was full of multi-car pile-ups and cars stuck on the side of the road. I swear, Springfield drivers are the worst!

Hope wherever you are you’re warm and comfortable. I was going to walk over to school this morning and draw down some fine silver wire, but I think that can wait. I think I’ll just spend some time inside enjoying the warmth of my house.


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3 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Anne

    The News-Leader poll today asks if people think they are good drivers in snow and ice and 75% responded YES! I guess they were home yesterday and the other 25% were out driving. Is it spring yet?

  2. Of course 75% of the people polled think they’re good drivers – they’re the idiots running all the red lights and driving like maniacs!

    I used to love winter, but this year has tested my love. Going without power for 9 days, walking to school in sub-zero winds and dealing with the snow has forced me to long for spring. Then we’ll get to deal with torrential rains and tornadoes. Isn’t life in Missouri great?!

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