Decorator Extraordinnaire

My friend Valerie has the most amazing eye for home decorating. First, she managed to decorate a tiny house with all kinds of vintage goodies without making it look cluttered. Then, she and her husband Kevin (our handyman), purchased a new home last year and turned it into a showcase for all thing vintage and cool. Her living room looks like a magazine ad for the 1960s, complete with authentic furnishings and knick-knacks. Last night, they came over to watch the Superbowl and Valerie and I got a bit bored once the second half started. I suggested she help me with my latest wall art project – framing my albums. I did learn not to let Valerie hammer nails into plaster as we had a bit of a mishap, but we covered it with the picture so it was no big deal.

Here’s what the wall looks like now. The theme is “Music for…” I love the one with the ashtray and lit cigarettes!


Here are two of my favorites. One is in the hallway and the other is right outside the den. Since our anniversary is this month, I thought the “Our Anniversary” album was fitting.

anniversary.jpg relaxation.jpg


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3 responses to “Decorator Extraordinnaire

  1. Suzanne

    Groovy! Are these old family albums that you’ve dug out of your basement, or have your foraged them from Tammie & Kerry’s stash?

  2. I have always wanted to decorate with vintage albums – as soon as I saw the album frames at Restoration Hardware a few years ago. You did it, and it looks great! The albm art is so very cool. I love the way you went with a theme!

  3. Suzanne – these are all albums I bought at flea markets. Most of the old family ones I still play so I didn’t want to frame them!

    Staci – It’s never too late to decorate! I say go for it. However, I got my new frames at Urban Outfitters. They’re cheaper if you buy more than one ($14 ea or 2/$22) and I liked the construction better. Plus, they’re easier to change out.

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