Olympus Fashion Week

[Fashion week](http://www.mbfashionweek.com/newyork/fall2007/designers/abaete/index.html) is almost over in New York, but it will be a long time before we see any of the styles. Forget about Spring, this is all about Fall ’07 styles. Here are a few of faves from Elle’s website:

[Marc Jacobs](http://www.elle.com/collections/10325/marc-jacobs-fall-2007-ready-to-wear-collections.html) – Inspired by 1920s fashions, Marc Jacobs has created a very wearable collection. I have to say I’d wear just about everything I saw.

[Behnaz Sarafpour](http://www.elle.com/collections/10347/behnaz-sarafpour-fall-2007-ready-to-wear-collections.html) – After wowing us last fall with a terrific collection for Target, this designer again does not disappoint. Her clean lines make almost all the pieces very wearable. I did notice a liberal use of black, but I liked most of her pieces. Besides my wardrobe is mostly black so I could relate.

[Oscar de la Renta](http://www.elle.com/collections/10327/oscar-de-la-renta-fall-2007-ready-to-wear-collections.html) – Is there anything this designing icon can’t do? I loved all the fur trim and the use of brocade and patterns in this collection. Sure, some of it was a bit over-the-top, but that’s what runway shows are all about!

I haven’t had time to view all of the designers, and the shows don’t end until Friday, but I liked what I saw so far. It’s actually not so weird looking at Fall ’07 designs while it’s still cold out. At least I can relate to the clothing better now than if it was 90 outside!


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4 responses to “Olympus Fashion Week

  1. Anne

    As my resident fashion expert, give me the 30-second report: Is there anything in here that I will actually wear? Will anything in my wardrobe survive the next season in style or will I be forever out of style? When does the nautical look return for good?

  2. I’m not sure you’ll wear any of the trends because you’ll just keep wearing what you have stating that you’re not interested in investing in any more work clothes. Am I right or what?

    The nautical look really never goes out of fashion, but the silhouettes do change. The idea is not to look “costumey” with it. Also, ditch horizontal stripes and double breasted blazers for good. They rarely work on women after 40. Seriously.

  3. Anne

    Horizontal stripes are a rarity with me and always have been – have zero double-breasted blazers and one double-breasted pea coat. I may not be restocking much in work clothes but that doesn’t keep me from shopping totally!

    I guess you fall into that >40 trap now too – welcome to the club.

  4. We do this site for Lauren Ezersky… and if you’re into fashion it is really fun! Lots of exclusive interviews and such.

    (We saw you at Agrario last night…)

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