Back in Time

Staci at []( posted a fascinating piece recently about what she’d tell her 15 year-old self about her life today. It got me thinking about what I thought my grown up life would be when I was that age. Can you just imagine telling yourself that one day you’d carry a phone with you, have a computer, search the globe using something called the “Internet”, and play your music on an iPod? What about the person you married or the kids you had (or didn’t)? How about new interests you developed that you thought you never would?

What would you tell your 15 year-old self about your life today that would shock you?

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One response to “Back in Time

  1. Suzanne

    That being 39 is not “old”!
    That is ok not to be something powerful or famous.
    That I will someday consider myself beautiful in spite of my physical shortcomings, after living through a teenage hell of being the gawky ugly duckling.
    I wish I would have been able to tell myself to “lighten up” and relax a bit more when I was younger. I was too uptight and intense.

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