Making the Cut

Tonight in my welding class I learned torch cutting. Man, that is so cool! Imagine wielding a long torch (around a foot) running oxygen and acetylene in a fine flame and cutting through 3/8″ steel. It’s so powerful. I was hogging the area and got to the point where I’d done it enough that the guys were asking me to watch them cut! I even did some circles, but they were really tough because you have to aim the flame where you’re cutting. To make class more exciting, Joe (our instructor) showed us how to use a plasma cutter. You can cut all sorts of lines, circles, shapes and everything with it. I’m so excited because he’s going to let us use it next class period even though he doesn’t teach it until the advanced class.

Welding is cool.


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2 responses to “Making the Cut

  1. Suzanne

    …does this mean that you’re signing up for the advanced class?

  2. Yep. I’m having a lot of fun. Besides, the guys were asking me last Thursday if I’d be in the advanced class so I feel like they’re my new buddies. It’s like I’ve been accepted in to the guys club.

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