I'm Bona fide

Last night was the final class for welding and I received my certificate showing I’d completed 20 out of 20 hours of beginning welding. Woohoo! Advanced class starts on Tuesday and runs three weeks. I got a taste of things to come as I started TIG welding last night. Well, I used a TIG welder, but I just made a mess. It’s really tricky, but once mastered, the results are spectacular. TIG welding will allow me to join multiple pieces without solder. This means I can easily enamel them without worrying about my solder breaking down in the kiln. Sarah is planning on buying a TIG welder so I’ve got to quit playing with the plasma cutter and learn this thing! Wish me luck.

Oh, and bonus points for you if you can name the movie where one of the main characters used the words “bona fide” to describe her suitor.


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6 responses to “I'm Bona fide

  1. Carrie

    All I’m going to say is that Mick is a Dapper Dan Man.

  2. “Well, ain’t you a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere.”

  3. Just don’t let Sarah buy one of those cheap TIG machines. Stick with a used Miller/Lincoln/Esab/Hobart and you’ll be fine.

  4. Nope, Sarah’s looking at a Lincoln for possible purchase. Since she’s a professional artist, she invests in good equipment so no need to worry about her cutting corners on this one.

  5. Oh goodness – I’m so amused. I had to read this 3 times before I figured out that it said “weLding” and not “weDding” like I originally thought. whew! I thought that was some pretty hard core wedding classes you were taking!

  6. Oh Christine, you are so very funny! Can you just imagine a hard core wedding class?! Heehee!

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