Barbies Just Wanna Have Fun

I survived my day as a MAC girl and had a lot of fun. It wasn’t as busy as Melissa had hoped, but things got hopping around 4:30. Here are some pictures from the day. I want to state that I have never worn lipstick this color or quite that much eye makeup, but I had to look the part. The hot pink lipstick we’re all wearing was actually the top seller yesterday and the counter sold out of it. Ditto for the hot pink eye shadow.

This is Jennifer and I looking Barbielicious:


Jennifer and Amanda show us their best Barbie pose:



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2 responses to “Barbies Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Darn, I was hoping that was today! I was going to swing by and see you this afternoon. Oh well, at least you got a cool shirt out of it!

  2. Omg Barbie poses is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

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