Powershopping Steve

Steve has been talking about wanting a home theater system for, oh I don’t know how long. He’s always perusing the Circuit City and Best Buy ads, is willing to go out the day after Thanksgiving to shop, and brings up how he could have bought his dream system with all the money I spend on shoes (ok, that’s probably a legitimate argument). Anyway, I always get sick of him talking about it and tell him to just go out and buy the damned thing! Problem is, he wants a really good system we can’t afford. Until today.

As we were enjoying our morning coffee and Sunday paper, Steve spied a deal at Circuit City for a Denon home theater system. I have no idea what all comes with it, but there’s speakers, a DVD player and probably a dishwasher. Anyway, he notices the price is $299 with a $30 rebate. After doing some Internet research, he determines the ad must be a misprint as it normally sells for around $700. After thinking about it for a little while he decides he’s going to check it out even though it probably has been corrected by now even if it is a misprint. I was working on my enamel piece so I told him to go without me. Turns out it was a misprint and the system was supposed to be $600 but Circuit City honored it because they hadn’t caught it yet. Score one for us. He’s been in the den all afternoon hooking it up and marveling at his wonderful deal. We’ll be enjoying the Oscars tonight in surround sound.

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  1. Does this make Steve a Savvy Shopper?

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