Lip Service

I ran into a good friend this past weekend (no, I didn’t hurt her) and discovered she’s venturing into the cosmetic world. She’s currently making lipsticks and gave me one to try. It’s called “Doppleganger” and is a lovely peachy, pinky, red shade. A big plus is that it tastes and smells like caramel, a sensation that doesn’t wear off for a while. Because the color is vibrant, I’ve been staining my lips with it and then topping it with gloss. The result is a great, natural color that really lasts.

While I’m not a fan of home parties, I offered to host a girly lipstick party to introduce everyone to her wares. It will be a lot of fun with wine, food and lots of lipstick. What more could a girl ask for? Not only will she get some honest feedback (because all my friends are opinionated) but everyone will get to try her new wares. Stay tuned for updates.


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2 responses to “Lip Service

  1. Tina

    Would you be so kind to ask your good friend with the lip products to contact me via email. Sounds like just the kind of product I would love to try ! Thanks

  2. Suzanne

    Order a fun one for me – doppelganger sounds perfect! I will see you soon! XX/OO Suz 🙂

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