What I've Learned So Far…

For some strange reason, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned so far in life. I thought I’d share them with you. Please feel free to add your own:

* My sister isn’t as annoying as I once thought she was. I actually like her and consider her my best friend.

* My mom really was right about some things (but don’t tell her I said that).

* I’ve learned that it’s ok I never had children. It’s a decision I don’t regret because I knew it was right for me.

* I’ve learned to listen to my gut instinct. It’s been right almost every time even if I didn’t listen.

* It’s ok to have loved, lost and learned. It’s better to come out smarter in the end rather than to play it safe and never experience something wonderful.

* Sororities are hugely overrated.

* While I may not always like my body, I’ve learned that I’ll never have a tiny waist or flat stomach so I might as well play up what I’ve got and cover up what I don’t.

* Sometimes when I think I want a larger house, I remind myself that it’s just more to clean.

* Quality is always better than quantity. Although that doesn’t seem to change my growing shoe collection!

* Every so often, it’s good to get outside my comfort zone.

* I may not be the most well read, well traveled or well rounded person, but dammit, I’m pretty cool for a 40 year old.

* It’s better to leave an terrible job, even if you don’t have another one waiting, rather than stay because you think it looks good on a resume or you like the money.

* Long hair does not suit me.

* Growing out my hair takes more patience than I ever thought I possessed.

* I’ve learned to feel comfortable around children of almost any age.

* I’ve learned that, when forced, I can be a very flexible person.

* I’ve learned to like white wine.

* I think I’ve finally figured out my sense of style. Although that could change next season!

* The older I get, the more opinionated I get, but the more comfortable I get with myself.


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8 responses to “What I've Learned So Far…

  1. Anne

    Very insightful and great observations about a truly wonderful person. Isn’t it amazing how your mother gets smarter the older YOU get – at least that’s what happened in my case but I regret I didn’t tell her that. While I respect your decision NOT to have children, I hope you’ll agree that it’s a wonderful thing that I did have them – the world would have missed 4 outstanding females!

    You’ve also learned that even though the world thinks you’re an extrovert, you’re really an more of an introvert – like your mom!

  2. Funny – several of your points are about “comfort”…with yourself, your decisions, etc. I’m right there with ya. Youth is seriously wasted on the young. 🙂

  3. I bought a case of Colt 45 the other day… it’s totally tasty…

  4. Mom’s right – I am more of an introvert than an extrovert. I love a social situation, but get really protective of “me” time the less I have it.

    Staci – I’m right there with you on youth being wasted on the young. Try going back to college and see how irritated you get with the kiddies wasting their time!

    Jason – Why in the hell would you waste good money on Colt 45?!

  5. Colt 45 kicks ass!

    You and Steve deserve cracking open a frosty 40oz’er at the end of the day…

    I love showing my Colt 45 pride by wearing a Colt 45 t-shirt in downtown Boston.

  6. Great post, Tammy – it’s funny how many of those things showed themselves during our recent shopping trip!

  7. I’m just here to advertise something for free on someone’s blog and disrupt the conversation. Read 417 Magazine!

  8. Greg, you’re such a brat! At least you can read my latest Savvy Shopper article if you go there!

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