Going to Kansas City

This weekend my mom, sister and I are meeting in KC for a girl’s shopping weekend. Should be fun as I actually have some money to spend. This, of course, will insure I find nothing on my list! I’m trying to focus more on shopping for things I actually want or need in my wardrobe rather than flitting around and buying things that strike my fancy at any given moment. Knowing I’ll have access to [Nordstrom](http://shop.nordstrom.com/C/2375500/0~2375500) and [Sephora](http://www.sephora.com/) means I’ll get to see all the latest goodies on my trip. With this in mind, I’ve started a list and thought I’d share it with you.

* Black casual jacket and chocolate brown casual jacket. It’s amazing how a casual jacket can take an ordinary pair of jeans, khakis or crop pants to a new level. I’ve been looking for a nice style, but everything seems too corporate and stuffy. My favorite jacket right now is a 3/4 sleeve khaki one I got at Old Navy about three years ago. I’d love to find it’s equivalent in black or brown.

* A black tunic with some simple embellishments. Two years or so ago, I had the most wonderful black tunic. It was by Dana Buchman and I found it on sale at 75% off. Even at that discount, it was still pricey, but I soon found out it was worth it. Made of lightweight linen, it had simple embellishments around the neck and draped beautifully. I wore it all the time. Unfortunately, it developed a hole right in the middle of the linen. I was so distraught, I contacted the company to see if anything could be done. Believe it or not, they took it back and sent me a check for the retail amount of the piece less 33% (I told them I got it on sale). They could not replace it because it had been an early spring item and was out of stock. I’ve never forgotten their professionalism on the whole thing. Ever since then, I’ve been on a quest to replace it.

* Yellow patent shoes. I’m so in love with patent this season! Red seems a little predictable so I’m wanting a shot of yellow to go with my black and brown wardrobe. I ordered [these](http://www.baumhouse.com/birkenstock-gizeh-p-1486.html) from my favorite Birkenstock place in Germany, but I want something a bit dressier. Like a wedge or something. We’ll see what the Nordstrom shoe department has to offer.

* Lucite jewelry. Yep, still on that quest. I did get a really weird and cool bracelet from [Kolos Designs](http://www.kolosdesigns.com/) but I’d like something clear or frosted. Because Lucite is really just a fancy name for a type of plastic, I don’t want to spend a fortune. I’ll check out the cheap boutiques for something unusual.

* Crop pants. I’ve gone through my existing crop pant inventory and purged all old, worn out pieces. I discovered I have about 5 pair of just denim crops alone, so I’m looking to add something new to the group. Maybe a new style of cargo or an interesting color. I’ll see what the Gap has to offer and go from there.

Have you planned your spring/summer shopping or am I the only crazy one out there? What’s on your list? What new trends do you love/hate?


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2 responses to “Going to Kansas City

  1. Suzanne

    The extent of my spring/summer shopping has been a new pair of padded bike shorts, pair of jeans and a bikini.

    I have no idea what size or style I should wear anymore. Everything I put on makes me feel like I look weird. Crop pants just look like high-waters on me, shorts are all too big in the waist or too low cut.

    I give up.

  2. Well, I admire you for purchasing a bikini. Even at my skinniest, I would not wear one. I haven’t had that kind of body since I was, oh, about 6.

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