Get Your Gunns

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of [Tim Gunn]( despite the fact he states that women over 40 should not wear crop pants. The man has impeccable taste and style. This morning he was on the [Today Show]( discussing his new book “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Quality, Taste and Style” and also talking about the basics every woman should have in her wardrobe. I thought I’d share these with all of you.

* A trench coat – Every woman should have a trench coat in her closet and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t own one. It’s mainly because I think they’re boring and have not found an interesting one to purchase. Tim states that even patterned trenches have a long shelf life so don’t be afraid of investing in one. Guess I should add it to my KC shopping list.

* Dresses – day and evening. According to Tim, all closets should have a shift dress, a shirt dress and a little black dress. I’m glad I have a body for shift dresses as they are my favorite. I have yet to find a shirt dress I like, but it’s a style I’ve always admired. As for the LBD, I have two. One is linen and one is a very dressy black crepe with a rhinestone buckle. Unfortunately, the crepe one doesn’t fit well right now, but I’m working on it!

* Jeans – This is something we all have in mass quantities. However, Tim states that everyone should have a nice pair in a deep wash that can be dressed up. This includes trouser jeans. I have a favorite pair I invested in and they never fail to gain me compliments when I wear them.

* Handbags – Again this is something most of us have in mass quantities. At least I do. Tim states that the Hobo design is the most versatile and women should look past black and brown to “neutral” colors. Red, orange, green and blue can be great pops of color in a basic wardrobe. My orange purse gets more compliments than any other one I carry. I have a huge line of people waiting for me to give it up so they can have it!

* Shoes – Ok, I have a shoe disorder that forces me to own more pairs than the average person. I’d attend a 12-step program, but I’m sure I’d be tempted to buy a new pair of shoes for every step! Tim suggests ballet flats for day and night, classic pumps, a dressy boot with a heel and flat boots. So, that’s like 5 pairs of shoes?! Yeah, times that by 10 or 20.

* Jewelry – I see a trend here in my own wardrobe with overconsumption of shoes and accessories! However, in my defense, jewelry is my profession so it makes sense that I have a variety. Tim believes in the classic cuff bracelet and I’m inclined to agree. Having never really owned one before, I made one recently and have been wearing it a lot. They are actually quite comfortable. I wore mine all day yesterday while I was working in the studio and it never got in the way. Another basic is a great cocktail ring. Thanks to my loving husband, I have a terrific piece that will suffice in that department.


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2 responses to “Get Your Gunns

  1. Cindy

    I don’t own a trenchcoat, but I’m not embarrassed – too corporate for me. But Alison has a cute one; she loves it. I have a couple of cute spring jackets that work – one is belted for a classy look. Not a big fan of the shirt dress (because of my aversion of buttons, which is a story for another time), but I do love a shift and, naturally, the little black dress.

    Not a big fan of dark jeans (if I’m going to dress up, then I don’t wear jeans). I rarely change my purse – I know, boring, but it’s a matter of practicality. Nor do I have ballet flats – they feel too juvenile to me (my daughters have them). I love boots, but my big passion is sandals – when you can wear them 10 months a year, you need several pair.

    But I am always, always up for new jewelry. I need to increase my bracelet collection.

    So, Tim Gunn, thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate the advice, but I’ll just have to exercise my own fashion judgment – I’ll take it from here.

  2. I think you have the right idea in exercising your own fashion judgement. Perhaps that’s why I don’t own a trench. I have a terrific pair of ballet flats I bought a couple of years ago at a resale shop. They are fur flats by Ferragamo and are the most comfortable flats I own. Since I have a high arch, most flats don’t work except for Birkenstocks which have a high arch and are very comfortable to me.

    I have many, many pairs of sandals and will probably be adding more after the weekend shopping trip.

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